Wilier Ramata Track Bicycle 1980s

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ID: 18393
Brand: Wilier
Size: 61 cm
Condition: The bike is in good condition. The frame has been professionally refurbished. It has no dents, cracks and it is not bent. Parts have been checked and they are working. The rear disc is little uneven. There is a little dent on the top tube (typical spot on pista bikes from rotating handlebars) covered with a small sticker.
Era: 1980s
Product ID: 18393

According to many, Wilier Triestina has created some of the most beautiful vintage bikes ever manufactured. And this may be the next example to proove that point. As almost always, it starts with the paintjob.

Known as "Ramata" amongst enthusiasts - Ramata, feminine for Ramato which in Italian means copper plated - these bikes have appealed collectors around the globe as few other bicycles.

Our Wilier Triestina is a rare "pista"version of the more common road frame. With it's aggresive geometry with steep angles and short wheelbase, this frame has been designed to circle in a velodrome and race for the win.

Re the components, the bike is fully fitted with Gipiemme Pista cranks, a very lightweight rear disc wheel, 3ttt cocpit or the brand new and crazy lithweight handmade track tubular tires.

As a true Italian machine, the elegance couldn't be left short and so the chainring and stem are pantographed by Wilier Triestina.


A must have for any avid collector. Hard to find, especially with original Ramato paintwork. More than a bicycle, simply a piece of art.

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