Tomac Novantuno Frameset PegoRichie

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ID: 9619
Brand: Tomac
Size: 58 cm
Condition: The frame has never been ridden however has few signs from storage -please see pictures. It has no dents, no cracks and is not bent. Paintwork and decals are original. Few small flaws on the seat tube. Parts are fine, too.
Era: 2000s
Product ID: 9619
If you’re under 30 or not into mountain biking then you might not have heard of John Tomac. One of the true legends of the early days of mountain biking he was one of the first U.S Pro riders to hit the dirt and the third inductee into the U.S Mountain Biking Hall of Fame.
Few people know, that he was an excellent road rider for some time, too! In 1991 he road for the Team Motorola. That very year was the inspiration to this frame. Novantuno means '91 and the colours are clearly the ones of the Motorola team.
Even if you had no clue at all, who Tomac is, you might be interested in the excellent frames which are bearing his name.
Here we offer you this Tomac Novantuno frameset. It mainly consists of lugged extra-oversized steel tubes, made by Columbus.
It has what you expect from a modern steel frame: Loads of stability and stiffness while being elastic enough to dampen vibration and harsh road conditions.
It had been built up completely as a test bike once but has not seen any long rides.
It comes with a Chris King headset and a Thomson seat post. This is an excellent start for a modern steel bike project.
Or if you like to, we could build it into a complete bike again.
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