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Colnago is an Italian brand founded in 1952 by Ernesto Colnago, one of the pioneers and most innovative manufactures of the cycling history. He maintains that he ”was born to build bicycles”, and as it happened - after an apprenticing period at Gloria’s factory and working as professional mechanic for several racing teams - Ernesto Colnago started producing high-end steel frames.

Colnago - Custom Made Bicycles

During the 1970s Colnago was regarded as one of the best builders of custom steel-frames. Gianni Motta, Michele Dancelli and Eddy Merckx above all. Many champions rode and achieved several winnings riding Colnago’ s frames.

The Eddy Merckx and Colnago Duo passed into the annals of the cycling history indeed. Just as in 1972, when “The Cannibal” set the world hour record riding a super-light Colnago frame.

Not only competitions. Colnago also introduced the Colnago Super which set new standards for racing bicycles of its era: shorter, stiffer and a lighter frame as professional frames.

Colnago - A Steady Innovation

Ernesto Colnago’s motto has always been ”Thinking outside the box without copying anyone”, and as a matter of fact, the Italian brand has been sticking out for more than 60 years. Steel, aluminium and titanium frames: Colnago set new boundaries in cycle manufacturing. His long view also allowed him to became the pioneer of carbon frames - thank to the legendary collaboration with Ferrari - when most people were sceptical, since they did not believe carbon would have withstand the mechanical stress during cycling races.