Terryn Prestige Customized Road Bicycle 1970s

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ID: 18587
Brand: Terryn
Size: 51 cm
Condition: The bike is in good condition. The frame has no cracks, no dents and is not bent. Paintwork and decals are original. All parts have been checked and are working. We don't recommend to ride the bike as it is. For safety reasons, we can supply you an additional stem in length according to your wishes. Please, contact us if you would need to know more.
Era: 1970s
Product ID: 18587

Charles Terryn was a professional Belgian cyclist who raced from 1943 to 1960. Despite his long career he ended up with not much glory to his palmarès. - At least he could claim that the war had robbed him from some of his best racing years.
It was when he started to work as a mechanic and opened a bike shop together with his cousin, that he became really successful. He first served as a team mechanic for Rik van Looy's Faema and later for several other professional teams. He famously (had) built the bike on which Eddy Merckx won his first Tour de France!
Since he was as clever a salesman as a mechanic, his bicycle shop Cycles Terryn in Brussels was widely considered one of the best all through the 1970s.

The quality of the bikes which were sold under his name, and the frames of which most were built by two master frame builders from Belgium, was absolutely top and on the same level with some of the finest Italian bikes of that time.
- As you can easily see on our Terryn Prestige Customized Road Bike.

Terryn had his combination of choice, when it came to materials and equipment. It was quite simple: Reynolds 531 and Campagnolo Record. And our Terryn follows these rules strictly, with the exception of Universal brakes.

But this bike has so much more to it! The already light frame has been assembled with components customized so heavily, that it makes you scratch you head sometimes. So almost everything has been drilled, milled or simply cut off. In some cases, that means just lot of little holes, but in some cases it goes beyond that. Both derailleurs underwent a fine milling treatment but the most elaborate is the stem. The old Cinelli stem has been drilled, filed and then filled with sleeves. The frame has been tweaked as well with brake center bolts mounted directly without a nut.

The whole bike weights just 8,5 kg, but despite all the modifications, there is a serious potential to shed even more weight.

This very special bike is one of a kind and a very interesting addition to any collection.

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