Scapin KS-Pro Team Ballan 1998

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ID: 18362
Brand: Scapin
Size: 55 cm
Condition: The bike is in very good condition. The Frame has no cracks and is not bent. One tiny ding on the seat tube. All parts have been thoroughly checked and are working fine.
Era: 1990s
Product ID: 18362
Umberto Scapin started building racing bicycles in 1957 in Piove di Sacco (Padua, norther Italy) and dedicated his whole life towards the production of high-end and refined steel frames. However not a mainstream brand, Scapin bicycles are nowadays really renowned amongst collectors worldwide.

As most of the Italian frame builders, Scapin committed to manufacture not only durable and performing frames, but also elegant and beautiful ones, adjectives which must accompany every Italian bicycle.
Some of the finest and most elegant bikes of the 1980s were made by Scapin.

They started to open a new chapter, when in the 1990s they started to sponsor offroad- and road pro teams. New materials entered the bicycle sector and Scapin had two choices: Either go with the trend and try to work out how to produce frames from aluminium, carbon fiber, titanium, or to build the most advanced steel bikes they could.
And they went with steel, as they already knew really well how to work this material. Within a short time they came up with some of the finest TIG-welded bicycle frames on the market. Such a bike is our Scapin KS-Pro, which was developed for the UCI Team Ballan in 1998.

It was a Steel bike, designed for the pro-peloton. The welds were exceptionally-smooth TIG-joints. The tubing itself was specially shaped in a way which Scapin's frame builders had adapted from their experiences with their mountainbikes. To make the KS-Pro frame possible, Columbus tuned their Nemo tubes to a profile which they called 'Geoid'. It should allow to adjust the stiffness and compliance of a frame perfectly to the needs of every individual rider.
Just the fork was not made from steel but instead was borrowed from carbon fiber experts Time from France.

As a steel frame with a carbon fork, this set is perfectly balanced, a reactive yet comfortable ride.

When it comes to the parts on this bike you will realise that their performance can absolutely keep up with the fine frameset.
The components mostly consist of 10-Speed Campagnolo Chorus parts and the wheels are Mavic's Ksyrium Elite clinchers.

Just a super-advanced, sweet bicycle.
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