Rossignoli Corsa Rare Eroica Road Bike 1960s

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ID: 9788
Brand: Rossignoli
Size: 53 cm
Condition: The bike is in good condition. The frame has no dents, no cracks and is not bent. The paintwork has been refurbished by the former owner, keeping the original decals in place. All parts are working fine.
Era: 1960s
Product ID: 9788
In all probability, Rossignoli is the most famous bicycle shop of Milan. Since the 1920s, the fate of this store has interwoven with the history of the city and the passion of its people for cycling.
To this day they are proudly presenting a full range of bikes from their own shop brand. Our Rossignoli Corsa Rare Eroica Road Bike from the 1960s clearly shows that the machines they produced in the past were top notch pieces, that were fully on par with the best bikes that the big names of those days could offer.

The clean frame was designed with a geometry that is rather compact and straight forward compared to most other bikes in the peloton with maybe the exception of custom bikes for professional riders.
The lugs are expertly filed down and all connections are soldered into smooth joints.

The parts are formed by a Campagnolo Gran Sport shifting and hubs (which is basically everything Campagnolo produced for road bikes back then) and some other fine Italian jewellery. This includes Universal brakes and a 3ttt Stem and Handlebar. Some of the parts were made with Rossignoli branding, such as the headset, the cranks and the seat post clamping.
Even with a rather heavy saddle and chainset, this bike weighs just 9.8kg.
The former owner decided to give the Rossignoli a refreshed paintjob and luckily he was able to keep the original decals in place.

This really rather rare piece of Italian cycling history is fully checked and serviced and good enough for many decades of riding, the strade Bianche of L'Eroica included.
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