Paganini Supercorsa Columbus SLX Roadbike

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ID: 9617
Brand: Paganini
Size: 56 cm
Condition: Original paintwork and decals. The bike was fully serviced and checked by our experienced workshop team. All parts work fine and the bike is ready for the next adventure! In order to make the ride as pleasant as possible we installed few new parts: handlebar tape, chain, all cables and the tires.
Era: 2000s
Product ID: 9617
Paganini was the shop brand of one of the absolute top class traditional bicycle shops of Belgium. Plum Ghent is actually one of the most renowned bike shops in the world. They became famous, selling their Plum Vainqueur racing bikes. But when Italian steel dominated the market, they established the brand Paganini.
These frames were built by Billato in Italy to a really high standard. Billato was a contract builder and they were also responsible for the later Ciöcc; Concorde and Conti Frames.
The great quality of the frame is partly due to the material and partly due to the craftsmanship. The tubing is nothing less than Columbus' SLX tubing, which with their helical inner reinforcements were the most popular material for professional road bicycles during the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Fine, engraved lugs are nicely thinned and a number holder for serious racing has been brazed on.
For proper handling without any worries, a complete Shimano 105 groupset has been installed. This extra reliable set of componentry will allow you to take the bike anywhere you want to go. Brakes will bring you to a safe stop, the shifting works precisely, and the bearings are running smoothly. It has been completely checked and serviced in our workshop and is ready to go.
A steel bike that wants to be used everyday, be it commuting or touring. The Paganini will help you to accomplish your goals.
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