Packaging and Shipping of our Bicycles

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bike packaging step 1
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At Steel Vintage Bikes, we have meticulously considered the packaging process to ensure that your bicycle is delivered safely and efficiently. We love bicycles just as much as our customers and therefore, we understand the importance of protecting the bicycle whilst in transit. It continues to be our priority that every customer is happy with our delivery process, so we have laid out a guideline to every step we take to ensure your bicycle is delivered in pristine condition.

1. Wheels, handlebars and cranks are removed

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<p style=The wheels, handlebars and right crank are removed. Handlebars and the right crank are individually wrapped using high quality neoprene pipes and bubble wrap. The left crank is fixed to the left chain stay with a zip tie to prevent any movement.

2. Chain and rear derailleur are removed


Chain and rear derailleur are removed and wrapped with bubble wrap between the chain-stays to prevent any movement during shipping. Drop-outs are fitted with a specifically designed plastic protector to prevent them from bending. This ensures they remain in the correct position for the duration of the shipping.

3. Frame is wrapped


The frame is wrapped using high quality neoprene pipes, which prevent it from scratches and dents. Thick layers of bubble wrap provide safety for dropouts and the bottom bracket shell.

4. Hubs and freewheel are protected and wrapped


Specifically designed plastic protectors are fitted to hubs to safeguard them from damage in transit and from scratching other parts. In addition, free-wheel is protected and cushioned with an extra layer of bubble-wrap.

5. Fork and loose parts are protected and wrapped


The fork is fitted with a specifically designed plastic protector to prevent it from bending and loose parts are covered in bubble-wrap. The frame, wheels, saddle and the crank are placed into our customised boxes with thick profile to ensure the safest shipping possible.

6. The bike is collected


The box is collected by your preferred courier service. From this point onwards you can track the delivery via the courier's website using your unique tracking code. Each bike which we sell goes through this rigorous process to ensure it arrives safely and to the satisfaction of our customers.