Olympia Classic Road Climbing Bicycle 1980s

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ID: 18400
Brand: Olympia
Size: 51 cm
Condition: The bicycle is in good condition. The original paint how some patina and little blemishes. The frame has no dents, cracks and it is not bent. All parts have been checked and are working.
Era: 1980s
Product ID: 18400

The Italian brand Olympia was founded in 1893 by Carlo Borghi. In 1959 the brand was subsequently acquired by Antonio and Pasquale Fontana who at that time already owned the brand Sanremo, among the others. The company is nowadays located in Piove di Sacco (Padova) and since 2013 has also owned the Scapin brand.

The particular Olympia has been specially built up to tackle challenging roads of classic cycling events. The classic steel lugged frame has been equipped in a way to be ready for rough roads, steep hills and many kilometres in a saddle. 

The bike has been assembled with notorious consecutive climbs in mind, like you will experience when riding, let's say L'Eroica. Therefore the heart of the componentry and real kicker has to be the drivetrain. A triple chainset and a long cage derailleur allow you to use ratios ranging from 32/28 to 52/11 - an exceptionally wide range. And when it comes to very steep climbs, such easy gear can be a salvation.

When it comes to going uphill, one should inevitably thing of the descend too. To master this job, there are the Dia Compe brake levers and the powerful Shimano Dura-Ace brakes which grip the rims of the mint wheelset.

To enhance the comfort, reliability and speed, this wheelset has been given a set of puncture resistant and fast rolling Panarace Pasela Protite tires.

Whether you will take this little bike to a classic cycling event or simply on a weekend ride, it will serve well you in any terrain.

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