NOS Legnano Olimpiade Record Specialissima 1978

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ID: 9435
Brand: Legnano
Size: 55 cm
Condition: The bike is in very very good condition. All parts are new old stock as is the frame. Very few minor signs of storage.
Era: 1970s
Product ID: 9435

Champions such as Binda, Bartali, Coppi and Fondriest rode to their victories on Legnano bicycles. Fifteen Giro d'Italia, seven world championships and two Tour de France triumphs were achieved by Legnano riders. That is enough to enumerate Legnano amongst the most winning and prestigious brands of all time.

Founded in Milano, Legnano started manufacturing high-end racing bicycles around the 1920s under the lead of Emilio Bozzi - also owner of Frejus, who fell victim to the Brigade Rosse in the 1970s. The brand was subsequently sold to Bianchi before being acquired again by the Bozzi family.

Legnano racing bicycles are easily recognizable for their typical classic design, which actually is now virtued an integral iconic part of classic cycling for collectors around the globe. Their bikes were often either metallic green or blue.

This New Old Stock Legnano Olimpiade Record Specialissima impeccably shows the charme of this Italian brand.
Released in the early 1970s, the Olimpiade Record Specialissima became the brand's top model, manufactured of light and sturdy Reynolds 531 tubes and painted in the typical Legnano style.

What is maybe even more amazing than the beauty of this bike is its condition. This bicycle arrived at Steel Vintage Bikes in the original manufacture wrapping. It had never been completely unwrapped let alone built up before. And it stayed sound and complete over the years until we rescued it from a basement in Central Germany several months ago.

We have been very reluctant when it came to unwrapping and building up this treasure. Wouldn't it be nicer for the next owner to unravel the secrets and be the first to see the bike in its new, virginal loveliness?
Well as you can tell, we simply could not resist building up the bike for long. And on the upside, we can share the pictures of a complete NOS bike from 1978 with you.
You can find all the nice details and as a sweet extra, the original bidon and pump are still there!

Now the bike is built, completely checked, adjusted and ready to be ridden.
A marvelous, shiny piece of cycling history.

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