Mavic 355 and 357 bullhorn Time Trial Bars

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ID: 18465
Brand: Mavic
Condition: The bars are in good condition. The holes for the brake cable intake have been drilled additionally. No cracks, no bends.
Era: 1980s
Product ID: 18465

These are the iconic Mavic 355 'bullhorn' bars combined with Mavic 357 aero bars. When seeing these, many cycyling fans may recall the great Tour de France of 1989, the closest of all time. In this edition, Greg Lemond famously edged Laurent Fignon in the final time trial to Paris by mere 8 seconds. And these bars were undeniably a huge reason, why it so happened and Lemond added his second title from 'La Grande Boucle'.

These bars are very versatile, so you can adjust the distance between pads or you can slide the aero bars forwards and backwards.


clamping: 26.0 mm

Width: 42 cm


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