How to Dress for Eroica

How to Dress for Eroica


L’Eroica is a non-competitive leisure cycling event. The theme of this event is vintage cycling, with participants using vintage bikes, accessories, and clothing in a celebration of the rich history of the past cycling era.

Vintage bikes are defined by characteristics typical of racing bikes used until the 1980-s. These include:

  • Steel frame
  • Gear levers mounted on the down tube of the frame
  • External wires
  • Pedals with toe straps

For more information about the rules and regulations of this event visit:

In keeping with the theme of this event, here at Steel Vintage Bikes, we have created a head to toe guide of how to dress for the event.


Retro Cycling Helmet

Safety First, here at Steel Vintage Bikes we would always encourage participants to wear a helmet and this is a message that is echoed by the organises of L’Eroica. However, being safe does not mean that you have to compromise on style. We have a selection of hand-made, retro leather helmets that incorporate all the modern technology to keep you safe, whilst it also staying in keeping with the overall vintage aesthetic. These helmets easily set themselves apart from the rest with their soft refined leather finishes, if you are looking for a helmet to wear at L'Eroica or at any vintage cycling event, do not search further.

Buy Retro Cycling Helmets Online:



Maximize your view on the beautiful roads and trails at L’Eroica with a pair of sunglasses, they will offer exceptional eye coverage for protection from harmful ultraviolet rays as well as unencumbered vision. Here at Steel Vintage Bikes, we have a range of different sunglasses that are both functional and stylish to give you the right look for L'Eroica whilst offering you the protection you deserve. 


Cycling Jersey

The cycling jersey is an iconic link to the history of the past cycling era, here at Steel Vintage Bikes we think that it is imperative that you wear the right jersey for the occasion and that is why we have a range of vintage, replicas and new jerseys. Whether you want to replicate the style of some of the cycling greats such as Eddy Merckx or Fausto Coppi or maybe you even want to add a slight modern flair to your look, we have you covered. 


Cycling Shorts

To match the retro cycling jersey we recommend that you wear a pair of cycling shorts as they not only tie the whole outfit together but they also hold an integral function. All of the cycling shorts that are available on our website are specially designed to allow your body to breathe. They are made of moisture-wicking technical fabric that will help pull the moisture from your skin. This will help prevent chafing, rashes, and keep you nice and cool. As well as this all of the cycling shorts are also padded for your comfort which will enhance your cycling experience at L'Eroica or any cycling event, no matter how long your journey. 


Cycling Gloves

The L'Eroica event is a long joyous riding experience that can take participants many hours to complete, to improve the comfort of your experience it is recommended that you wear a pair of cycling gloves. Cycling gloves offer the user both protection and comfort, the constant pressure, friction and vibrations from cycling can lead to some discomfort. However, the padding and extra protective layer of gloves greatly reduce the discomfort experienced. Here at Steel Vintage Bikes, we see the utmost importance of cycling gloves and have a wide selection available on our website. 


Cycling Shoes

A cyclist’s shoes are potentially the most important part of their wardrobe, they are an integral link between the rider and the bike. As I am sure you are aware if this link is not perfect the joy of the cycling experience will be impeded. Here at Steel Vintage Bikes, we realise this and have, therefore, picked out a selection of great cycling shoes on our website that would optimise your cycling experience. Whether you are looking for the tactile feel of an original pair of vintage cycling shoes or maybe even a pair with the classic vintage aesthetic just with all the modern comforts seamlessly implemented., you may look no further as we have a wide array of choices available. 


All of these items are available on our website, along with many more. 


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