Look PP-296 NOS Pedals

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ID: 9175
Brand: Look
Condition: Immaculate condition
Era: 2000s
Product ID: 9175
Look clipless pedals from the early 2000s, featuring Adjustable free ARC float (choose between 0,3,6,9).
Wide platform. Aluminum body, large contact surface, cold-forged chromoly axle. Adjustable entry/release tension.
Germany €5 DHL Economy
€0 Selbstabholung
Europe €12 Deutsche Post
€35 FedEx (3-7 days)
UK €12 Deutsche Post
€35 FedEx (3-7 days)
USA €35 FedEx (3-7 days)
Australia €35 FedEx (3-7 days)
Worldwide €12 Deutsche Post
€40 FedEx (ca. 5-7 days)
€35 FedEx (3-7 days)
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