Holdsworth Cyclone 531 58cm

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ID: 9824
Brand: Holdsworth
Size: 58 cm
Condition: The frame is in very good condition. Minor signs of wear may occur due to storage.
Product ID: 9824

For many, the bicycle is their first taste of freedom as a child. It starts as a wobbly loop around the block, and grows outward with your curiosity and sense of adventure. There is nothing more liberating than loading a bike with everything you need and setting off into the unknown. The Holdsworth Cyclone is a bike that was meant to see the world.

Built for hours in the saddle, the Cyclone was also designed to cover vast distance across ever changing terrain and in all conditions. Beginning with the geometry, a more aggressive road position gives you the ability to maintain higher speeds over other touring frames. Fork and frame drill outs give you the option to attach mudguards and racks as well. Bosses built just for a frame pump and deep drop brake calipers for wider tyre clearance round out this versatile rig.

Constructed using resilient and light Reynolds 531 steel tubing, this frame is assembled by master framebuilders using the same exacting standards and proven traditions that made the Holdsworth name what it is today. Each hand mitred tube and filed lug come together in a low-temperature brazing process that is individually inspected. The frame is also tastefully finished in 2 paint schemes. They include a blazing red and white, and regally inspired purple and red layout that make this frame even more jaw dropping.

So the next time you dream of going far, consider hopping on a Cyclone, and go further.

Here is a look at our Heritage complete build option!

Build Weight: 9.6kg

Cyclone Heritage Build 0 Cyclone Heritage Build 1 Cyclone Heritage Build 2 Cyclone Heritage Build 3 Cyclone Heritage Build 4 Cyclone Heritage Build 5 Cyclone Heritage Build 6 Cyclone Heritage Build 7 Cyclone Heritage Build 8 Cyclone Heritage Build 9 Cyclone Heritage Build 10 Cyclone Heritage Build 11 Cyclone Heritage Build 12
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