Fausto Coppi Campionissimo Classic Road Bike 1960s

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ID: 9615
Brand: Fausto Coppi
Size: 52 cm
Condition: Good condition. Original paintwork and decals. No dents, no cracks or bends. Few signs of usage. All parts have been serviced and work fine.
Era: 1960s
Product ID: 9615

There is only one Champion of Champions, and his name was Fausto Coppi, Campionissimo.

The frames that bear his name carry with them the history and greatness of this 7 time Grand Tour winning Champion. Founded in 1932 by three brothers, the Fiorelli company sponsored champions like Schotte, Kubler, Koblet, Gaul, Motta and Ole Ritter, who broke the world hour record on a Fiorelli frame in 1968.

In the late 1950s, Coppi wanted to start producing his own racing machine. He made a deal with Fiorelli in Novi Ligure for the manufacture of bicycles under his name. These frames were similar to Fiorelli's own designs, apart from the finish and branding. When the Campionissimo passed away in 1960, this contract was still valid and the production of Fausto Coppi branded bicycles continued.

Our Fausto Coppi Campionissimo Classic Road Bike is a gem from the golden age of cycling. The first thing you will notice is the aggressive geometry of this machine. Though aero components were yet to be adopted, the position of the rider was the key to success. A long top tube ensured a profile that cut through the peloton. Another distinguishing factor of these frames was the placement of the shifters. To maintain this aggressive position, particularly on uneven parcours, bar end shifters were utilized by many top riders in the 50’s and 60’s. We have added a bracket in order to support classic Campagnolo Record downtube shifters.

The drive train of this handsome bike is supplied by Campagnolo Gran Sport mechs and a Nervar Star crankset. The brakes and levers are Mafac Racers. To complete this champion build, we have laced Mavic Championnat rims to Campagnolo hubs.

An understated beauty, this Fausto Coppi Campionissimo is a reminder that great champions still ride on.

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