ETRE Piuma Modern Steel Showroom Road Bike Veloce Graphite

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ID: 9792
Brand: ETRE
Size: 54 cm
Condition: Only last frame available. It was built as a showroom bike but was never ridden. Few chips on the down side of the bottom bracket. The refore the price reduction. New parts.
Product ID: 9792

The best things come in 3’s. Here at SVB, we have a passion for the past, present and future of the greatest sport on Earth. Back in 2012, we started Steel Vintage Bikes by introducing the world to some of the most rare and beautiful machines built. Last Fall, we opened our Cycle Cafe in the heart of Berlin, to give our community a place to appreciate and share stories. With the past and present as our compass, we wanted to create a cycling experience that was unforgettable. The ETRE is the next chapter in our story, and we hope it creates many more chapters in yours.

There is a reason why handmade steel bikes are making a resurgence in the cycling world, no other material gives you the ride quality or responsiveness that steel delivers. While some brands have been pulling their bikes out of prefabricated molds, manufacturers of steel have continued to refine and improve upon the weight and stiffness of their tubing. We have designed our first batch of ETRE with these developments in mind. Constructed with Columbus Nivacrom steel, these lightweight frames have earned the name Piuma, Italian for feather.

With performance in mind, they are equipped with a modern yet distinguished group of components. Campagnolo Veloce, in all its silver glory, is a drivetrain which borrows technology from its elite-level brother, Super Record. You will also be rolling on along on a pair of Campagnolo Kamsin hubs laced to Campagnolo rims. With a Selle San Marco leather saddle, can this bike get any better looking? Or Italian?!

We also know a bike has to look as great as it rides. Chromed lugs bookend your choice of graphite or crimson painted tubes. The days of stashing your bike away are over, the ETRE Piuma packs enough panache to be proudly displayed in your home as well.

The ETRE Piuma is the future of steel. Made with pride, made to ride.

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