Colnago DECOR Classic Bicycle Columbus THRON SL Steel

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ID: 82
Manufacturer: Colnago
Size: 59 cm
Condition: Mint Condition. Refurbished with NOS Parts. Everything work fine!
Product ID: 82
This is a great looking Colnago DECOR from the early 90s - made of light and durable Columbus THRON SL steel tubes. This classic Colnago bicycle is equipped with Campagnolo Chorus parts with Ergopowers (8speed). The frame and fork have great Colnago pantogrphed chromed lugs. The paintwork and decals are original. We refurbished this bike with lots of NOS parts: chain, all cables and outter shells, tires, seat and the handlebar tape. All bearings were lubricated. All parts work fine. If you are looking for a classic Colnago, then this is it!
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