Providing our customers with an unforgettable riding experience is our mission – we want people to understand the enjoyment that travelling by bicycle can provide. When it comes to cycling clothing, Steel Vintage Bikes seeks to offer only the best you can get on the market. As riders ourselves, we are very aware that a high-quality, functional jersey or a pair of durable cycling gloves are as crucial to riding comfort as your bicycle size. Therefore, we have selected cycling clothes from the best brands, such as Santini and HNB to meet the needs of any cyclist

Clothing for Eroica Events

Part of the charm in taking part in an Eroica event is experiencing how racing cyclists of the past equipped themselves to tackle the mountains of Le Tour or the Giro d’Italia. Typically, the chamois of padded shorts was leather and jerseys were woolen, with rear pockets for storing tools, food and even wine to numb their aching legs.

We stock official Eroica apparel that has been designed with this in mind, with era appropriate materials and features. Whether you require clothing for Eroica or simply apparel for weekend rides, on our online shop you can find the best items.

Besides that, you can also browse our clothing brand SVB Apparel. Our T-Shirts, sweatshirts and backpacks are designed by ourselves in Berlin and produced with  organic and fair-trade cotton. A unique, stylish and exclusive clothing line for leisure-time, suitable for any cycling enthusiast.