Ciöcc Classic Bicycles


Ciöcc, pronounced somewhere in between 'church' and 'chooch', is a classic bicycle brand from Italy. The vintage bicycles by Ciöcc have been produced since 1969. The company was founded by Giovanni Pelizzoli, himself an ex-racer, continued the Italian tradition of building high quality classic steel road bicycle frames and the manufacture of Ciöcc bikes still takes places in Italy today.

Ciöcc success on the world stage

The first international succcess for Ciöcc was achieved by Claudio Corti, when he won the World Championship on a Ciöcc racing bicycle in San Cristobal, 1977. This was followed by the Polish Olympic Team's choice to ride on Ciöcc bikes, who were awarded silver medals for their participation in the Moscow Olympics of 1980.

Ciöcc international growth

Ciöcc has since experienced an international growth, expanding into the European, Japanese and American cycling markets. One of their models, the Ciöcc Hurricane U2 Carbon, was awarded the 'Bike of the Year' in 2002 in France. 

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