Carradice Bagman Sport Saddle Bag Support

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ID: 18680
Brand: Carradice
Available in store: Wilhelmstr. 91, 10117 Berlin
Product ID: 18680

The saddlebag attaches to the bag loops of the saddle with 2 of the leather straps supplied with the saddlebag. It is secured to the Bagman Support with a webbing strap supplied with the Support.

Weight: 387 grams

imensions: 18cm wide x 20cm high x 17.5cm deep

Steel saddlebag support Holds saddlebag vertical and reduces swing

Maximum load - 10 kg

Saddle loops, Cyclo Loops or saddlebag clamp required for mounting bag to bike

Clearance required from saddle rails to just above rear wheel  - 18cm approx

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