Aperitivo Friday

Aperitivo Friday Steel Vintage Bikes Cafe

It’s early evening, you’ve finished work and are ready to wind down. You’re on your way home and decide to meet up with a friend or two, a drink is in order, along with some nibbles. That’s Aperitivo.

The word “aperitivo” comes from the Latin word meaning “to open” and is the name for both the ritual of going out for pre-dinner drinks and a little something to encourage you to feel hungry, so you can fully enjoy your upcoming meal.

The habit of taking an aperitivo in the evening before a meal quickly became very fashionable. Already by the 19th century, the classic bars and cafés of the big Italian cities were serving aperitivi to their clients. Today aperitivo still plays an important role in Italian social life and is as much about the food and drink as it is about the socialising.

While traditionally a small, complimentary offering of olives, grissini, cheese or salumi to accompany your drink, at Steel Vintage Bikes Café we try to offer a more elaborate antipasti platter: a vegetable muffin or flan, 2 different Bruschettas, cheese and Parma ham all of which is accompanied by Francesco Moser wines (red or white). The platter of antipasti and glass of wine cost €8.

We hold Aperitivo evenings every Friday from 6pm - 10pm

Impressions from Aperitivo Friday

Aperitivo Friday at Steel Vintage Bikes Café Aperitivo Friday at Steel Vintage Bikes Café