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The manufacturer Brooks was founded in 1865 by John Boultbee Brooks in Hinckley, a small town in Leicestershire, Great Britain. Despite starting the business with just £20 in his pocket, Brooks became one of leading pioneers in the development of high quality saddles, bags and clothing

The design of the Brooks' saddle

In 1866 he relocated to Birmingham where he set up a business in the manufacture of horse harnesses and general leather goods on Great Charles Street under the name JB Brooks & Co. Sadly in 1878, Mr Brooks' horse died. He was subsequentely unable to afford a new horse, so he had to borrow a bike in order to travel to work. In doing so he came across his next venture. He found the seat so uncomfortable and vowed to develop and manufacture a new design for the saddle, which would be more comfortable for the rider. After some initial development, Mr Brooks filed his first saddle patent on 28 October 1882. The experience of cyclists had been transformed by Brooks' design and when his new design for the saddle was introduced to the market, it was a regarded by many as one of the most significant innovations for the future of cycling. 

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