Automoto Mod. Tour de France Rare Road Bicycle 1927

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ID: 9096
Brand: Automoto
Size: 56 cm
Condition: The bike has been completely refurbished to a high standard. With bikes of that age it is not the question if they have some flaws but rather how severe they are. So damages to the frame were left visible through the restoration to make clear that the bike is still rideable. They include a soldered brake feather hanger, lightly bent handlebar.Lightly bent frame and a tiny ding on the top tube. The frame is structurally sound and can easily be ridden free-handed. All metal parts have been thoroughly cleaned and got a new nickel plating. The original rear hub is part of this bike as well as the one which is now built into the rear wheel. The bike is ready to hit the road.
Era: 1920s
Product ID: 9096
Automoto is one of the many bike manufactures which grew in the French cradle of bicycle developement, Saint-Étienne. Founded around 1900 they specialised in high class bicycles and soon grew as famous as the other big brands, Alcyon, Peugeot etc. Their racing bikes were particularly popular among professional and high class amateur cyclists alike.
Automoto sponsered a Team together with Hutchinson for quite some time and their bikes were ridden to victories by the most famous riders of their time.
In 1923, Henri Pélissier won the Tour de France on an Automoto with Ottavio Bottecchia coming in second on an Automoto, too. And Bottecchia went on to win the race the next two years with a bike from St. Étienne underneath him. To give a demonstration of their dominance, the team won again in 1926 with Lucien Buysse on an Automoto.
It is exactly these glorious years, from which our Automoto Mod. Tour de France stems.
It is a bike which every sportive cyclist of this time could only dream of and the pinnacle of Automoto's 1920s sports model line.
The bike was recently refurbished and is now ready to go on a ride or to decorate any room.
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