Art Print Eddy Merckx Vittorio Adorni 1968

Art Print Eddy Merckx Vittorio Adorni 1968

A3 Photo Print.

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This Reprint of a vintage photograph shows two team mates which had a special connection.

In 1967 Eddy Merckx managed to win his first world championships and was signed for the next season by Faema. Another new member of the Faema team was Vittorio Adorni. A strong rider who took care of the young world champion.
In 1968, Adorni taught Merckx how to properly eat and rest during a Grand Tour. Merckx used this knowledge to not only win his first long stage race, the Giro d'Italia, but also the mountains and points jerseys as well, the first time ever this was done in a one of the classic tours. Adorni finished second to Merckx in that race.
The day of the world championships came later that year and Adorni attacked with still more than 90km to the finish line. When won with 10 minutes ahead of the field, it was also partly because his team mate Eddy had not started a counter attack.

You can feel a bit of the bond between the two riders in this scene where the two are fooling around and Adorni serves as photographer. A nice moment showing the current and the coming world champion together.

The Art Print is a high quailty reprint of an original from the press service of one of Italy's most important journalistic photo-agencies, Milan's Olympia.

The Size of the photo print is A3 which is 29,7 cm x 42,0 cm.
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Product Name Art Print Eddy Merckx Vittorio Adorni 1968
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