3ttt Masi Handlebar

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ID: 9172
Manufacturer: 3ttt
Condition: The handlebar is in very good condition.
Era: 1980s
Product ID: 9172
Our 3ttt Masi Handlebar is one of the pieces which had been branded by 3ttt specifically for Masi bikes. If you want to give your super-pantographed bike an extra-kick, you should get it.
This high quality classic bar can easily be used with aero or non-aero break levers.

Material: Aluminium.
Clamp size: 26mm
Width: 40cm center-center.
Germany €5 DHL Economy
Europe €12 Deutsche Post
UK €12 Deutsche Post
Worldwide €40 FedEx (ca. 5-7 days)
€12 Deutsche Post
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